About Us


There are thousands of different stores that do what we do, they share the same WHATs, and probably HOWs too. But they are definitely missing our WHYs and the core disciplines ORDINA built upon. 

ORDINA is a brand that sets out to simplify people's lives by exploring endless possibilities without discounting richness and practicality. We spend each day doing so by working backwards, from customer experience to our products, instead of picking high margin products and dump it to the customers.

We handpicked products carefully and focus heavily on customer experiences, mostly surrounding three major areas:



We strongly believe eliminating unwanted distractions helps improve efficiency and productivity.



Exploring the unknown and the uncommon is extremely crucial for improvement. We carry these improvements all the way into your life and derive results based on your level of satisfactions.



Simplicity often comes with setbacks and ORDINA is determined to defy this rule. We do not tolerate any form of sacrifices that come along with minimal concepts. In fact, we are working hard to uncover paths that marry both simplicity and functionality.



We know it sounds a little dramatic, but putting customers on top of everything we do, indeed, is, and will be our core value. We believe all the positives are ultimately originated from good products that enhances every part of people's lives, and we are working hard towards that path.

Achieving balance between style, simplicity and functionality is (and will be) a bumpy journey, we wouldn't be here without your trusts and supports. We are beyond grateful and no words could describe how thankful we are as a team and as a small business that sets out to enrich your life. Thank you, and stay simple.